Is Google Pixel the iPhone killer?

It has been long expected, but only now have Google announced a phone that will truly rival the iPhone. And the important thing... it has a headphone jack. Google are only too aware of the sweet/bitter rivalry between phone fans. After all, keys specs include <i>no bump</i> and <i>almost black</i> according to the promo video... Continue Reading →

Welcome to whittwhitt

whittwhitt is a freelance digital marketing service in the East of England, but also home to the latest news in digital marketing, including social, content, PPC and SEO.

A scary time for tech giants

Social media can be scary at the best of times. However, each 31st October it takes a scarier turn. Halloween is largely seen as an American celebration which is now celebrated internationally so it is perhaps rather apt that global internet brands are taking full advantage of bringing the festivities online. Facebook Mark Zuckerburg's company introduced... Continue Reading →

Meerkat’s gone under

In the age of tech startups, one has just reached a succinct end. Meerkat have announced they are pulling their services with immediate effect. Whilst the brand had a relatively short shelf life by startup standards (launching May 2015), Meerkat helped social video transition in part to where it is today. The social streaming service... Continue Reading →

Olympics and a new project

It's been quite a bit since my last blog post (been busy with uni, life, etc),so thought i'd give one a shot whilst i've got some time on my hands. I think change will be a recurring theme.. Firstly, we're well into the London 2012 Olympics, and I must say that Olympic Fever has well and... Continue Reading →

Pain in the Gates

Been an interesting week in a number of ways particularly with the sub-tropical temperatures (even in Blackburn!) and catching up with past college mates who seem to have gone to every corner of the island. Saying that though, Airgates has been a real bugbear for goodness knows how long - and its a shame I... Continue Reading →

Happy 10th TowersTimes!

Last weekend was something rather special for a group I feel part of; TowersTimes.It was the tenth anniversary of the site's inauguration back in 2002. As part of the celebrations, the website and forum had managed to organise an event at Alton Towers, where the Towers Suite (on Towers Street I discovered, not next to... Continue Reading →

Hopefully going to use this blog for random mumblings in the near future, including bits on uni, nights out and of course theme parks, the fab guys at TTF and Airgates. 🙂

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