Last weekend was something rather special for a group I feel part of; TowersTimes.It was the tenth anniversary of the site’s inauguration back in 2002.

As part of the celebrations, the website and forum had managed to organise an event at Alton Towers, where the Towers Suite (on Towers Street I discovered, not next to the park’s spinning coaster!) had been booked for a special event, followed by a tour of the park’s most famous dark ride trio.

This was certainly different to a normal TTF meet in that the basis of the weekend seemed to be merely on the people, as opposed to the thrills and spills of the rides nearby. Whilst only participating in meets since Summer last year, it was evident that TowersTimes has grown and developed considerably from the early days, and it is indeed the people that make the site special at the end of the day.

The all important birthday cake (prior to being squoffed by coaster geeks!)

2 thoughts on “Happy 10th TowersTimes!

  1. Hi I’m just enquiring who did the Alton towers cake as my 40th birthday is coming up later this year and I am obsessed with Alton towers if you could let me know that would be great thanks Catherine

    1. No idea unfortunately Catherine, was quite a while ago now sorry – however i’m guessing most cake specialists can do customised designs to a similar standard.

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