Pain in the Gates

Been an interesting week in a number of ways particularly with the sub-tropical temperatures (even in Blackburn!) and catching up with past college mates who seem to have gone to every corner of the island. Saying that though, Airgates has been a real bugbear for goodness knows how long – and its a shame I have little control over the current situation.

The issue is an administration one, with a potential malware issue – however now the site is fully clean, it’s hard work to get it back upto scratch, and to rid the dent this has caused on the site’s reputation. Airgates has taken up quite a chunk of my time, so it pains me when all the hard work seems to result in such a niggle ruining it. Should anyone have any issues regarding the site, feel free to drop a line to .

Hopefully I should be getting somewhere with a Marketing work placement too for this September, even if sadly my preferred location hasn’t as yet replied – fingers crossed though!

Saying that, there is a bright summer ahead – a new spark in my life, a much needed summer break in Germany with the TTFers, and a 21st Birthday Bash that will surely be something to remember (and yes, this year it actually will happen..)



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