It’s been quite a bit since my last blog post (been busy with uni, life, etc),so thought i’d give one a shot whilst i’ve got some time on my hands. I think change will be a recurring theme..

Firstly, we’re well into the London 2012 Olympics, and I must say that Olympic Fever has well and truly taken the UK by storm, even in dull and misery-led Blackburn. The Opening Ceremony choreographed by Danny Boyle was simply spectacular, and I was honestly taken aback by the whole presentation. Whilst some bits weren’t particularly spectacular in my eyes (‘Frankie and June say…thanks Tim‘, I’m looking at you here), the Industrial Revolution section with the coming together of the rings was truly magical and inspiring. Oh how I would have loved to be there.

As for the last week, the television has been stuck on sports – surprisingly by choice. The Olympics have really captivated everyone in the house, and the vast mountain of London 2012 merchandise stacking up would go to show that. Whilst I own little of that, I do intend to go out of my way to get the Isles of Wonder soundtrack. It still gives me the chills in a cheerful and slightly emotional way.


Since the last post, TowersTimes is no more. Or at least the way I see it.

Due to rather in-depth reasons the team migrated to a new forum, and it seems the vast majority of regular posters moved too. I think it goes to show the enthusiasm everyone has for a community and in group decisions, and it’s one I fully respect and admire.

The new site can be found at, and I also had the pleasure of designing the new forum site logo. It took a while to get a design I relatively liked, however got there eventually thanks to a bit of initiative from myself and some guidance from those on the forum. Initially played around with logo ideas was a bit of fun, but deciding to actually enter was a pivotal decision it would appear!

Anyways, onwards and upwards. Not long till Europa Park, my third European (a’la not in the UK) theme park – and the first in many years.


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