Social media can be scary at the best of times.

However, each 31st October it takes a scarier turn. Halloween is largely seen as an American celebration which is now celebrated internationally so it is perhaps rather apt that global internet brands are taking full advantage of bringing the festivities online.


Mark Zuckerburg’s company introduced reactions to mixed reviews in February 2016, and has taken a while for users to get the hang of. In fact it would be arguable that the Like icon is still used more than the other reactions collectively due to its ease and familiarity.

Facebook have had some fun in making these more spooky with limited time Halloween variants, including the obligatory pumpkin (or Jack-o-Lantern in the US).


Home to tweens, teens and adults that never want to grow up, Snapchat have added some new Halloween filters to add some bite to your look without a touch of make-up.


As per tradition, Google brought out a new Google Doodle for Halloween. Last year Google introduced the interactive Halloween doodle, with the Global Candy Cup game. This year you must assist a blackcat to spur away ghosts by drawing shapes placed above their heads. With five levels to complete, the enemies gradually become more fiendish to dispel. My high score was 80120, can you beat it?

Play the Google Doodle game


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