Is Google Pixel the iPhone killer?

It has been long expected, but only now have Google announced a phone that will truly rival the iPhone. And the important thing… it has a headphone jack.

Google are only too aware of the sweet/bitter rivalry between phone fans. After all, keys specs include <i>no bump</i> and <i>almost black</i> according to the promo video released today:

The Pixel will also be the first phone to debut Google Assistant exclusively. The search engine giant’s version of Siri first featured on Google’s Allo application (similar to Hangouts), but is gradually being rolled out as a smarter, more personable assistant.

A major selling point is the longevity. Google claim that the battery will <i>easily</i> last all day, with a 15 minute charge giving 7 hours of use. Even on battery-saving mode, that would be a struggle for an iPhone 7 on iOS 10.

Overall, we’re intrigued. Apple have had a well-marketed (some would say lucky) run for many years, perhaps it’s time for another American giant to make their mark.

Want to pre-order? More information can be found <a href=””>here</a&gt;.


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